Our Team and Management

At Worldwide Energy, all associates of our team are passionate about conserving our planet and advancing the usage of renewable and clean energy.

Our management is comprised of energy industry leaders who are equipped to guide us towards building a greener future. Our team of experienced facilitators, energy researchers, research analysts, project managers, event planners, and strategists who are dedicated to turn vision into reality. Each individual brings different strengths to the table and together, we make an impact in the community.

With fossil energy essential to daily life, Worldwide Energy looks to develop cleaner ways to utilize these sources. The fossil energy projects led by our fossil energy vice president are our initiative to reduce carbon footprints in the atmosphere. The fossil energy projects work towards expanding carbon capture and storage, unconventional oil and gas production and power generation. We also promote the deployment of low carbon fuels and effective energy usage to conserve the environment.

Worldwide Energy is also resolved to help communities become more sustainable to create greener cities. Through working with communities to increase solar energy opportunities and analyze their resiliency, we help them transition towards using more renewable energy. We provide resources that fit the needs of communities by identifying energy efficiency and possibilities to conserve energy in buildings, and retrofit public structures to improve energy usage.

We believe that to educate and inform the public and industries on energy efficiency and its environmental impact is a positive step towards green energy advancement. Worldwide Energy coordinates many projects to educate communities on waste management, recycling, and waste reduction and to support the sustainability of clean energy. For example, our “Green communities” project allow communities of every size to achieve their sustainability targets.

We also realize that partnerships and collaborations with officials are important to accelerate the public education process. Our communications department in Worldwide Energy assist officials in tracking and reducing energy use in communities. We guide cities to use the web-based “Efficient Energy Operations Instructions” as a tool to conserve energy.

Our commitment to provide communities with environmentally and economically sustainable energy sources is a strong driving factor, and we work hard to accomplish our vision of a better and eco-friendlier tomorrow.