Our Services

Worldwide Energy invests greatly in two major sections of the energy industry. The first is traditional fuel and energy source, which consists of fossil fuel, natural gas and petroleum. We seek to develop a more efficient and environmental-friendly way to use these resources to lessen its impact on the environment and climate.

We also place emphasis on green energy, which focuses on solar energy, wind power and biofuel, namely fuel source from palm oil and recycled fuel. At Worldwide Energy, we believe that research to improve the efficiency and sustainability of biomass and the use of bioenergy is of major importance to all industries.

Our services also include:

Energy-related research and development.
Research and development in science and engineering.
Analysis and study to advance energy technology.
Addressing relationships between energy consumption and the environment.
Analysis of energy generation, distribution and consumption.

CFD Energy

CFD Energy is an agreement to exchange the difference in an asset’s value from the opening of the contract to its closing. Basically, you are speculating on the price movement of an asset, rather than owning the asset, and benefiting when the market moves in your chosen direction.

As the world slowly but surely progresses towards green and renewable energy, Worldwide Energy is continuing to put our utmost focus on energy assets. We concentrate our efforts on the development and growth of energy assets to effectively reduce carbon footprints and bring about transformative green energy solutions.

To push our services to the next level, Worldwide Energy is now providing CFD Energy trading platform to our Associates. CFD Energy allows you to trade various energy instruments at live market rates without the hassle of dealing directly on the futures exchange markets. With CFD Energy, Worldwide Energy aims to help drive long-term predictable prices for renewable and green energy, and encourage the advance of new and clean energy solutions.