What is Energy

The world is becoming more aware of the increased production of global energy and its impact on the environment. However, while the development of renewable energy sources is expanding, there is still much research and improvements to be done to ensure that our future energy needs are met.

Every act that is performed requires energy. In the case of usage, energy is needed to heat and cool our homes, light our offices, operate our factories and manufacture products. It can be said that humanity is truly dependent on using energy in every aspect of our lives, from residential and commercial to transportation and industrial.

The world’s energy is derived from five primary resources; petroleum, natural gas, coal, renewable energy and nuclear electric power. Petroleum, natural gas and coal are all categorized under fossil fuels while renewable energy comes from sources that can be regenerated or naturally replenished.

Among the various energy sources in the world, the two most commonly used energies are fossil fuels and renewable energy.